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Regional Renaissance: Thriving Economy, Healthy Climate and Energy Security

The twentieth century saw an extraordinary change in the way that society obtained its vital goods. Products became ever more complex, supply chains ever longer, finance ever more concentrated. As more and more production has left America, money has increasingly been used for speculation rather than for supplying human needs. We call this system Globalization. It is built on a foundation of endless oil, gas and coal, and endless places to put our wastes. We now see that this system is not sustainable and that climate and energy uncertainty will mean that the 21st century looks increasingly different from the 20th.

To meet this new challenge, Julian Darley, President of Post Carbon Institute, calls for a regional renaissance. Darley will discuss specific opportunities for sustainable enterprises leading to a thriving post carbon regional economy built on local production, local energy and environmental recovery.

Transforming Barriers to Build Sustainable Local Systems

Misseldine will share positive sustainable stories, speak to Oakland's sustainability program achievements, and explore California's new environmental policies and how they will affect business. She will set the stage for the afternoon working groups by addressing how to build a sustainable system across barriers.

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