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Sam Pierce

MSI Integrated Solutions

Sam Pierce brings his background in both engineering and architecture and 20 years of professional experience to his clients at MSI Integrated Solutions. His responsibilities include project management, engineering analysis, data collection, technical support and report writing. He is Senior Engineer for the Climate Protection Campaign, where he provides GHG Emission Reduction Action Plan analysis to municipal clients. He recently played a central role in the development of Green House Gas Reduction plans for the City of Sebastopol and the County of Sonoma. Policy makers adopted both plans.

Mr. Pierce currently is serving as the Mayor of the City of Sebastopol.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Planning: Detailed Solutions for Medium and Large Enterprises and Policy Makers

May 4, 2:15PM

Organizations and municipalities that have set a GHG reduction target need a roadmap for achieving those reductions, and a framework to track and verify the progress toward the goal over the life of the plan. This presentation will convey a comprehensive method to de-mystify the GHG Action Planning task, and present solutions as a financial package with attractive internal rates of return (IRR) and net present values (NPV). The tool will be used real-time as participants make choices about fleet energy use, lighting retrofits, etc., and then view the cost implications immediately. This is relevant for municipalities and medium and large enterprises.

Assessing and Reducing the Carbon Impact of Your Business: Tools and Benefits

May 4, 10:30AM

This workshop takes an in-depth look at the components of a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory and how to conduct one. It will include resources and case studies on reducing emissions and saving money using the free, CPUC funded program through the Small Business Energy Alliance. Participants will examine how to conduct an inventory according to the WRI protocol, so that any carbon credits from reductions will be certifiable for trading. The status and impacts of AB 32, which regulates GHGs in California, will be addressed. The afternoon workshop on “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Planning” is a good follow-on workshop for medium and large enterprises and municipalities.

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