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David Oldfield

The Midway Center for Creative Imagination

Under David Oldfield’s guidance since its founding in 1980, The Center for Creative Imagination has become internationally recognized for its contribution to our understanding and use of imagination, myth, ritual, and creativity in our personal, professional, and organizational lives. Oldfield works extensively in corporations that are undergoing dramatic reorganization and wish to engage these challenges in a creative manner. He has designed a variety of tools for corporations to engage their workforce in the ways of personal, professional, and organizational transformation. Oldfield is the author of several books that guide people through the natural thresholds of the human life cycle.

Tapping The Power of Shared Vision for a Sustainable Enterprise

May 4, 10:30AM

Without new, inspiring visions of the role of enterprise and business, we will continue to stumble in our search to sustain ourselves while sustaining the natural patterns of life.

This workshop provides a framework for creating purposeful vision and how to use it to tap collective human energy. It will focus on how to develop a vision that unleashes aspirations and commitment toward integration of people, planet, and productivity; enhances or replaces visions based on conventional norms of success with a broader definition; and allows people to speak from the heart; and minimizes resistance to change.

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