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Are we finally on the right trail?

We were walking a trail that meanders past fields, farms and boutique vineyards, a setting so giddy green it makes a person want to do cartwheels through the poppies. I was with my friend Janet, whose nature radar constantly halts her in mid-sentence to point to a rare bird or wildflower.

We walked by two furry beasts staring our way and she exclaimed, "bison." Then came rows of blueberry bushes, a farmhouse with eggs for sale and run-around chickens and horses.

So bucolic it made your eyes sting, it was the ideal place to toss around the word "sustainability."

This is Janet's thing. A couple of years ago she announced she was going to graduate school to study sustainable development. May 4 and 5, she's helping to put on a Sustainable Enterprise conference in Rohnert Park to focus on how earth-saving is good for business.

Janet is no neo-enviro. Before she became an expert on sustainability, she put together night hikes at Point Reyes. Her seaside wedding included recycle stations. She's one of the longtime earth huggers whose progressive notions are now mainstream.

Greenies are like computer geeks, outlasting those who mocked them and labeled them fringe people. Granola-eating jokes are as last century as ones about pocket protectors.

Janet Beazlie

Janet Beazlie has more than fifteen years of training and consulting experience in business in change management and organizational effectiveness. She has a wide field of experience: she has been Executive Director of the World Business Academy, served as System Administrator for the Sonoma County Office of Education’s School to Career Program, and developed her own business leading night hikes for women.

Janet has recently earned her MA in Organizational Systems from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center as well as a certificate in “Building a Sustainable World.”

Janet is a naturalist and her special interest is how to encourage an ecological consciousness in all human organizations. Janet has been a Sonoma County resident since 1993 and lives with her husband, David, in the woods near Forestville.

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